Step deck dispatcher plays an important role in the logistics process. The services provided by the dispatcher can be customized to suit every business need. Advanced technology is used by step deck dispatchers to make operations more efficient, from load booking, and tracking to reporting.

Let’s find out more about step deck dispatch.

About Step Deck

Step decks are a type of truck, specifically designed for loads that exceed legal heights. If the item cannot or is not legal to be transported using a flatbed truck, then a step deck can be a reliable transport vehicle. This trailer truck is molded with a design that is suitable for tall loads or goods.

There are steps on top of the trailer that can provide a more comfortable base for large, tall loads. The separate part is called the upper deck, and the other part is called the lower deck. With the availability of both decks, it can help either load or unload tall goods very well.

Step Deck Dispatcher

Step deck truck dispatchers will carry out every task efficiently. The professional team will help each client with their various expertise. They are also able to offer negotiations for step deck needs. As a step deck driver or owner, you may be constrained in getting clients.

The reason is that the need for step decks is more for large companies, for example, large vehicle companies, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and building materials. Step deck truck dispatchers have extensive consignment access and contacts to make step decks provide better benefits.

Truck dispatch has responsive and integrated client connections that make loading needs well-secured. If you choose a trusted dispatch company, they will provide professional and high-quality dispatch services. They know how to negotiate and can give you a good price quote.

Just let the step deck truck dispatcher make your trucking activities smooth and capable of providing maximum benefits. The dispatcher company will also guide you in every aspect that needs to be understood.

Step Deck Dispatcher for High Payload Shipping Needs

This truck is made specifically for the needs of cargo/ goods with a higher size. Some goods have a height above the average or standard limit (according to the law) so they cannot only use a flatbed for the transportation of these goods.

Step decks with two decks (upper deck and lower deck) can facilitate the need to load goods including when you want to unload them. Step decks can help load activities effectively and quickly.

What’s more, if you rely on a trusted truck dispatcher company. Then a team of operators will be ready to assist your needs with high skills.

Benefits of Using Step Deck Services

To know more about what you can get from step deck truck services, check out the following points.

1. High Freight Transportation

One of the significant advantages you can get from a step deck dispatcher is that you can more easily transport high loads. With the help of truck dispatch, you don’t have to bother applying for permits. The step deck design allows the cargo to be placed lower, both money and time can be saved because height is not an issue anymore.

2. Forklifts Are Safer And Easier

For forklift needs, step decks are very reliable. The lower trailer makes loading and unloading easier. Lifting heavy loads has become a safe activity with the help of step deck dispatch.

The operator team is not burdened with the task of lifting each load high, each lift can be done safely if using a step deck.

3. Versatile Step Deck

While you can transport a variety of construction equipment, such loads are usually difficult to transport and often costly if the transport vehicle is not adequate. With a step deck, this is no longer a problem.

Trucks with available step decks will support the safe transportation of construction equipment and the like. Although the weight and height vary, step deck trucks can transport them well. Multiple units of goods can be shipped in a single shipment, reducing shipping time and costs.

When compared to using a flatbed, you can get more benefits from a step deck as described above. You can more easily and safely transport high loads without having to prepare additional permits.

This truck can place tall and large cargo items on the lower deck. That way, height restrictions are no longer an issue.

Conclusion: The Role of Step Deck Dispatchers

Transporting tall and large cargo items is a big responsibility. It requires extra logistical handling and can be quite overwhelming for a business to manage. However, with the use of step deck trucks assisted by truck dispatchers, large shipments can be made on time and safely.

The step deck dispatcher will source the load, negotiate the price, take care of any paperwork, ensure legality, and adhere to any relevant guidelines as well.