– Generally, every smartphone user will get the most recent Android OS upgrade. The developer often makes periodical releases of this most recent version of OS upgrade. The most recent system update is crucial.

New features, UI tweaks, and bug fixes are the goals of Android upgrades. How, then, do you upgrade and check the Android OS?

Here’s how to check and upgrade your smartphone’s most recent Android OS for further information. Android users can utilize this guide on how to check for Android OS upgrades to learn whether the newest software is available.

How To Check Android OS

Here’s the procedure to check your android OS version. The majority of smartphones with android OS will likely to have the same procedure.

  • Launch the Settings window.
  • The About phone option.
  • Pick System from the menu.
  • To check for updates, click.
  • When available, update alerts will show up.

How To Upgrade Android OS

The procedures listed below can then be used to upgrade the Android OS. Most Android OS smartphones will most likely follow the similar process.

  • Launch the Settings window.
  • Select About Phone
  • Pick System from the menu.
  • Press System Update.
  • To download, choose Download.
  • Hold off till the Android OS download is finished. Observe the installation instructions.

Steps that are different from the ones listed above may be found for each brand. To ensure a successful smartphone installation, ensure the device is in good shape. These are a few simple methods for updating the Android OS.

After installing the Android OS update, certain devices typically restart themselves automatically. If not, you may manually restart your Android phone after updating to the newest OS.

For your information, upgrading to the most recent Android OS will often take some time. As a result, ensure the internet connection is steady and the mobile battery is enough for the upgrade to succeed and go well.

Additionally, pay attention to the smartphone’s storage capacity. The best course of action is to remove files that are no longer required to increase storage capacity and improve the efficiency of updates. That is how the Android OS is checked and updated.

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About The Android Tiramisu (Android 13)

One of the most popular mobile device operating systems, Android, has a rising number of versions that are consistently updated from year to year. Additionally, Android 13—the most recent version—was made available in 2022.

The introduction of Android 13 (sometimes called Android Tiramisu), which included enhancements to its appearance and notifications, among other things, was announced at Google IO 2022.

So, how will the newest features be discussed in this article? Read the article from below right now!

Automatic Clipboard History Removal on Android 13

This time, Android 13 enhances user privacy security to prevent unauthorized access to your clipboard. Therefore, Android will promptly delete that history if you copy sensitive data, such as an email address, phone number, or login credentials.

Enhancement of Audio Quality

This Android 13 version’s audio has been created using Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), which has a reduced latency than traditional audio. You may hear audio that is better in time with the sound source thanks to this innovation, which also cuts down on sound delay.

Additionally, Android 13 now simultaneously supports multi-streaming between numerous Bluetooth devices thanks to its high audio quality.

Approval of Notifications

Your notification information will be private, thanks to the Android 13 system. This feature requires that the applications you download explicitly request permission from the user before sending any alerts.

Change the Material Icon

With Android 13, you may change how your phone’s theme looks and feels. Other than Google, you may use help from other parties to explore the Material You icons.

Material Google’s design language, You, was initially made available with Android 12. With the help of this design language, you may draw colours from specific components of your phone and change the theme.

As a result, Android users may set up more apps with themes and colours that match their chosen backgrounds. Several third-party programs enable this function, including Bitwarden, Inware, Pocket, Sync for Reddit, Vivino, and others.

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Each application’s language options

Android incorporated this new capability since many users can speak more than one language. Thanks to this capability, users may find it simpler to utilize different languages in each application.

Your mobile operating System can be configured with one language and many languages in each application.

Effortless Handoffs

Users using Android 13 don’t need to download the Material to use the copy and paste capability. Additionally, users may copy Material from their Android phone to their tablet, including photographs, text, links, and movies. For Android users, this is quite simple.

Makes Multitasking Simpler

Nowadays, practically everyone multitasks while working. Android 13 will indeed simplify your tablet job.

You can effortlessly drag and drop any program in your library into the split-screen mode with the newly improved taskbar on tablets, allowing you to see all your installed apps at a glance.


The following feature of Android 13 is intended to give consumers more privacy. Users may use this functionality to control which images or videos the app can access.

The app you use to communicate or upload images can utilize this to ensure privacy and provide just relevant results rather than using the full document selection.

The Bedtime Mode function

This time around, Android 13 gives users’ health a high priority. Thus, the Bedtime Mode feature update is included in Android 13. With this function, you may further alter Bedtime Mode’s settings for the notification panel and the wallpaper’s selectable colour. The wallpaper’s darkness level may also be changed to make it black.

These are the most recent features offered by Android 13. Several other improvements include a Braille display for Talkback, an improved media output switcher, HDR video compatibility in third-party camera applications, and much more.

Well, that is all about how to check your android OS, how to upgrade the OS to the latest version, and the highlight features of android 13 update. Please note that some smartphones might have different procedure to check the OS, so refer to each manufacturer’s procedure. Also note that not every smartphone have the android 13 update.