Anyone wants to visit Bali for a holiday with friends or family. Bali is a world-famous tourist destination because of its natural beauty and culture which is always maintained and upheld. Therefore, you need to pay attention to several rules when you want to do Bali tour activities well and safely.

In this discussion, you will find several tips before you decide to travel to Bali and enjoy every moment while you are there. Let’s look at the review.

Travel Tips in Bali

The following are some things you need to know.

1. Choose the Best Time

You need to determine and find out the best time to visit Bali. Some people might think a lot about it, and that’s fine. However, there are still people who choose not to pay attention and there are even lots of problems while there.

You need to find out what the culture is like in Bali, what the patterns of society are, and what you can expect when you are there. You need to regulate your behavior while in Bali. Follow the basic rules regarding customs and culture related to faith, which is a very sensitive matter.

2. Exciting Activities in Bali

After knowing the basic rules and what you need to follow while there, you can start finding interesting activities that you can do that suit your passion and goals for visiting Bali.

Some of the exciting activities in Bali include visiting water rides and going on adventures through Balinese nature.

Bali has many variations of natural tourism, ranging from activities on the famous beaches, mountain climbing activities, touring the island, to visiting sacred Hindu temples which are the beliefs of the people there.

Some tourist activities that you can try include:

  • Visit the zoo in Bali
  • Visit the very iconic terraced rice fields in Ubud
  • Visiting beautiful villages in Bali
  • Surf or learn to surf on famous beaches in Bali and be accompanied by expert instructors
  • Undergoing scuba diving activities
  • Ride water rides such as banana boats, parasailing, and many more
  • Play golf while being pampered by the views and pleasant atmosphere in Bali
  • Visit the museum and watch traditional Balinese dance performances while getting to know the culture in Bali
  • Visit the Bali waterfall which is no less beautiful than the beach area
  • Climb the beautiful mountains in Bali
  • Try various indoor and outdoor games in Bali, such as tennis, escape rooms, bowling, and many more

Not Only Beach Tours

From the review above, it is clear that you can do Bali tour activities which are very diverse and all of them give a different impression. You can take your family anywhere without worrying about boring them.

Young families will be able to learn about culture and play on harmless water rides. Family or friends who are adults have many choices of activities they can do. Starting from extreme activities to nightclubs are available.

Tour Packages Available

You can also choose various types of tour packages that you can adjust to your needs. If you are with your family, including small children, then you can easily find a suitable package. Tour packages for adults will be more varied and you can really adjust them to your budget, so don’t hesitate to communicate and ask for the tour package in detail so that there are no mistakes there.

Workshop Classes Available

Not only providing rides or tourist spots for recreation, Bali will also provide many class packages, seminars, or workshops with various fields and various materials.

Holding an international conference or workshop in Bali is very appropriate because it can provide accommodation that meets the needs of various cultures throughout the world.

Bali Visa Regulations

As additional information for your Bali tour handbook, it is very important to know the regulations regarding the Bali visa criteria that you must comply with as a tourist, including:

  1. Country of Origin
  2. Length of Visit
  3. Purpose of Visit

These three criteria are for visiting needs such as Business Meetings, Tourism, Sourcing, Pre-Investment, Transit, or Government Visits.

You are not allowed to work in Bali with the above visa type because it is in the visit visa category and not a worker visa, so this is very important to pay attention to when visiting Bali.

Transportation in Bali

To support your Bali tour activities, you will need information about the means of transportation that are available in Bali and can be used to explore very easily. Some means of transportation that you can choose include:

  • Rented mobile
  • Rented motorbike
  • Rented scooter
  • Rented bike

Then some things you need to pay attention to are driving permits and permits from the rental company you use, make sure that the rental service is an official institution so that you are not considered an outsider of Bali who is breaking the law.

Basic Travel Planning

Several things you need to pay attention to when visiting various tourist destinations in Bali, namely:

  1. First determine the tourist destination you will visit in Bali. You can do research about Bali in detail. You will know what the environmental conditions and weather are like. You can look for guides from various areas in Bali.
  2. Use a map application when you want to determine your stopping place. Using a map will make it easier for you to find accommodation locations that are strategic and close to your destination spot.
  3. You may not find much public transportation in Bali and many tourists and residents choose to walk, especially because many tourist attractions are intended to be enjoyed on foot.
  4. It is better to rent a car with a driver because the costs are still relatively cheap and of course, it’s easier and safer when you get around Bali with a rented car or motorbike.
  5. Make sure that you have an international driving permit if you want to drive your vehicle there.
  6. You can also use local transportation applications in Bali and Indonesia, such as GoJek, GRAB, or Taxi services there.

That’s a review of a guide or handbook so you can enjoy Bali tour activities more safely, comfortably, and easily. Hopefully, the review above is useful.