There are so many activities that tourists can do in Bali, one of which is currently on the rise, namely the Bali ATV ride tour. With this activity, you will find unusual excitement, where you can visit rural areas, forests, and other natural beauty in Bali.

It is common knowledge that Bali is the best tourist destination in the world which is well known to many foreign tourists. Bali has become Indonesia’s pride, making this country better known to the world for its beauty and uniqueness.

Apart from ATV tourism, what are some things that tourists should not miss and should experience? The following is a review.

Visiting a Pura in Bali

Bali is part of Indonesia which has various religious communities. Bali is one of the regions in Indonesia where the majority of people are Hindu, so it is not surprising that tourists there can find many Pura which are places of worship for Hindus.

Visiting Pura in Bali is a mandatory activity because this is a way to become more integrated with the local community. That way your holiday will be more memorable, or maybe you can even make new acquaintances here.

Apart from that, this is the right step to show that you are a tourist who upholds local culture. You can also do temple tourism by renting Bali ATV ride services.

Snorkeling or Diving

As an island that is not too big compared to other large islands in Indonesia, Bali certainly has advantages in the field of marine tourism. You must do snorkeling or diving activities in Bali to enjoy the beauty of the famous Bali Sea.

Moreover, Indonesia itself is a maritime country that of course has beautiful seas like no other. You can find lots of coral, beautiful marine life, and fish. However, you need to remember that you must help protect and preserve the Bali Sea.

Visit Spa Place

Foreign tourists who visit Bali usually coincide with winter in their country. Their goal in going to Bali is to get the warmth of the sun because Bali is a tropical area.

If you are bored with the atmosphere of sunbathing on the beach, it is highly recommended that you visit the many spas available in Bali. Spa places in Bali will treat you to natural views and beautiful decorations, and this is what differentiates them from other spa places. This will allow you to enjoy it fully and effectively.

Visiting Hot Springs

Being a country with the status of a ring of fire, Indonesia certainly has many hot springs, including in Bali. For foreign tourists, this is very interesting and difficult for them to find in countries with cold climates.

The atmosphere in Bali’s hot springs is very beautiful and full of natural views that are soothing to the eyes. This is real healing, where you can get inner and outer peace. You can visit Jatiluwih, Banyuwedang or Angseri Bali. You can also enjoy the natural beauty there by renting the Bali ATV ride service.

Scooter under the Sea

You will certainly be curious when you hear it. This is an underwater scooter that you can find at Bali Underwater Scooter. There you will enjoy the sensation of easy and fun diving as well as unusual views because you will find underwater scooters among cute shells and fish.

You can sit on the underwater scooter and take pictures for memories. The photos are guaranteed to be very good because the seawater conditions there are very clear and clear.

Photo at Bali’s Savanna

Not only has the beauty of the sea, Bali also has the beauty of a green and beautiful grass area called The Lawn. You can enjoy the breeze while taking pictures to immortalize.

You can also take advantage of the swings available there. You just need to sit down and find a good angle to combine the components of grass, swings, and the beautiful sky in Bali to produce memorable photos.

Take photos in the Tree House

The uniqueness of Bali seems endless and covers all aspects. You can find beautiful tree houses in Bali in the Atuh beach area of Bali. This is a new location that has gone viral recently.

You will be treated to very beautiful views of the beach and cliffs. When you are at the Atuh tree house, you will be able to see many islands near the beach. The view of the hills there makes it even more perfect.

Making Tattoos and Hair Braids

This activity is related to culture, namely tattoos and hair braiding. In Bali tourist attractions many people offer centipede-style hair braiding services. Those of you who are going there for the first time will certainly be very interested in trying it.

Apart from hair braiding, you can also try very aesthetic tattoo and nail art services in Bali. This is a unique and distinctive thing where when you try to do it elsewhere, it will never be the same if you do it in Bali.

Sunset Atmosphere at Rock Bar

This is a destination for many tourists. Even if you don’t stay at a hotel near Rock Bar, you will be curious about the atmosphere there. People, who have been there, will certainly miss it and visit there again every time they travel to Bali.

Rock Bar is a place that is never empty, so you may have to be patient in queuing to get in there and take the elevator. You don’t need to worry too much because everything will be worth it when you can enjoy the beautiful sunset there.

Wearing Barong Clothes

This is typical Balinese clothing or clothing that you can give as a souvenir to the people closest to you in your hometown. However, there’s nothing wrong with wearing Barong clothes when you’re in Bali with friends to show your presence and take photos together.

ATV Tourism in Bali

There are many activities that you must do while in Bali. Of the many recommendations, you have to visit the Bali ATV ride tour. This is something you shouldn’t miss because it will give you a much more memorable experience. You can be one with nature while getting your adrenaline pumping.

That’s a review of the activities you must do while visiting Bali. Hopefully, the review above can give you interesting travel ideas with friends and family. Happy holiday to Bali!